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Installing OR-Fab's HD Bumper For Jeep Cherokee XJ's

Upgrading the factory bumper on your Jeep Cherokee XJ is a great way to increase the vehicle's departure angles on rough terrain while also improving its overall appearance. OR-Fab's HD bumper, PN 83250, fits 1981 to 2004 model Jeep XJ Cherokees and is manufactured in the U.S.A. from 3/16-inch steel plate.

The bumper is designed to withstand hard bumps and scrapes while also protecting the bottom rear quarter panels of the vehicle. OR-Fab includes . The bumper includes 1/2-inch thick mounting brackets, high-grade hardware, and is easy to install as it replaces the factory bumper with minor modifications.

OR-Fab PN 83250 Rear HD Bumper For Jeep XJ's 
Installation begins by unbolting the factory bumper and removing the mounting brackets that attach it to the vehicle's body. The new OR-Fab HD bumper, PN-83250, can be used with or without an aftermarket hitch, but in this case, we removed the hitch as it was not going to be used by the owner.

Because OR-Fab uses heavy-duty brackets to secure the new bumper, a small notch on the rear sheet metal has to be made to accommodate the thicker bracket frame. The instructions indicate where the cut needs to be made.

The brackets are installed with the bumper mounting nuts and hardware supplied in the kit. The bumper is heavy-duty, but it can be lifted into place by a single individual and bolted into position.

Once installed, it's easy to see how the bumper is designed to easily slide off rocks and ledges while protecting the rear quarter panel of the vehicle. A small hitch-mount is also built into the center of the bumper, to allow for an anchor strap to be attached to it.

The bumper also features a heavy-duty wrinkle black powder coat finish and comes with two heavy-duty D-ring mounts and two D-rings in the kit. The accompanying photos below, demonstrate the installation step-by-step. For more information on this and other OR-Fab products for Jeep XJ Cherokees and Jeep JK Wranglers, visit their website at

Begin the upgrade by removing the factory bolts that secure the OE bumper to the vehicle.

Remove the factory bumper to access the bumper brackets.

The thin factory bumper brackets won't hold up to serious abuse, so they too must be removed.

The bumper works with or without a factory hitch, but the outermost bolt must be removed.

Because the OR-Fab uses 1/2-inch thick steel plate bumper mounts,
a small notch must be cut from the sheet metal.

With the hitch removed in this application, you can see the notch that was cut
to make room for the larger bumper bracket.

The heavy-duty bumper bracket is designed to take hard hits and hold the bumper in place
without bending the factory sheet metal around it.

The new OR-Fab brackets are installed with the
lower bumper mounting nut brace and spacers.

The OR-Fab HD bumper is then lifted into position
 over the mounting brackets.

Heavy-duty hardware is included and attaches the bumper to the mounting brackets.

The brace is also bolted to the frame, providing greater mounting strength. 

The finished installation with the supplied D-rings provides greater tire clearance and departure angles for this Jeep.

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83269          Wrinkle Black
83269BB     Bike Black
83269R        Raw

This rear bumper is constructed from 3/16" steel plate to provide superior trail protection. It utilizes 1/2" thick steel frame mounting brackets and comes with all necessary hardware. The sleek tapered design easily slides off rocks and extends to protect your Jeep's rear quarter panels during extreme departure angles. The bumper comes with mounting hardware and two D-ring shackles.

OR-Fab's Spare Tire Carrier's One-Stepper feature is convenient for when you're trying to open the tailgate with one hand and your other hand is occupied with precious cargo. Rather than fumbling with a latched assembly and a "run-away" carrier, the HDX carrier is connected to the tailgate so they're able to open and close simultaneously. The meticulously designed One-Stepper feature keeps the two pieces synced when opening yet solid and rattle-free when closed.

The Tire Carrier is fabricated from CNC laser cut and formed steel plate and includes our High-Output LED third brake light. Our Bomb-Proof HDX pivot assembly includes a CNC machined spindle and housing, with a pair of Timken tapered roller bearings to provide smooth operation under the most extreme abuse. The pivot assembly is capped with a CNC machined billet aluminum cap with our OR-Fab Logo machined. The tire mount is adjustable in and out to accommodate a wide variety of tire sizes up to 37".

It's available in either a wrinkled or gloss black, heavy-duty powder coat finish.

Features at a glance:

• Designed to enhance your off road experience by protecting the rear and lower quarter panels of your Jeep from obstacles you will encounter off-road.
• Bumper is NOT compatible with body lifts
• Manufactured using 1/2" plate for bumper mounting brackets and 3/16" plate on main shell giving you the quality you expect from OR FAB.
• Stylish and rugged Sheet Metal design with tapered sides and bottom, slides easily off obstacles giving you added confidence to tackle the trail.
• Includes welded in D-Ring mounts and two D-Ring shackles.
• One-Stepper feature for easy opening and closing convenience.
• Bomb-Proof pivot spindle and housing assembly.
• High-Output LED third brake light and wire harness included.
• Available in Textured Wrinkle Black, Gloss Black powder coat finish
• Also Available in Raw for those that wish to paint to match


Optional Hi-Lift Jack Mount for 83269 Bumper Tire Carrier

87069     Wrinkle Black
87069BB   Bike Black

The OR-Fab Hi-Lift Jack Mount allows you to easily mount a Hi-Lift Jack to your OR-Fab HDX Rear Bumper/Tire carrier for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Mounting Kit comes with mount, foot clamp, clamp tab,urethane mount pad, threded wing nuts, button head mounting screw and lock nuts. Available in Textured Wrinkle Black or Glossy Bike Black
Features at a glance:

• Securely mounts to Hi Litft Jack to carrier arm
• Easily installs within a few minutes
• Hardware include




• Designed to Enhance Your Off Road Experience by Increasing Your Visibility of Trail Obstacles.
• Stylish and Rugged Tubular Design.
• Solid Full Loop Construction.
• Latch Kit Included.
• Includes OR-FAB Exclusive “Gecko” Nylon Pad Kit With Inner Zipper Map Pouch.
• No Drilling, Uses Factory Hinges.
• No Rattle Design
• Available in Wrinkle Black, Gloss Black (BB) Powder Coat Finish for Durability.
• Also Available in Raw Steel for those that wish to paint to match their vehicle.

• #88002        Front Rock Door (Wrinkle Black Finish)
• #88002BB   Front Rock Door (Gloss Black Finish)
• #88002R     Front Rock Door (Raw Steel)

• #88003        Rear Rock Door (Wrinkle Black Finish)
• #88003BB   Rear Rock Door (Gloss Black Finish)
• #88003R     Rear Rock Door (Raw Steel)

* Dont forget your Mirror Relocation Brackets to Easily relocate your factory JK mirrors to your OR-Fab Rock Doors  (*Part Number #87025).

OR-Fab 83268 JEEP Wrangler JK HDX Rear Bumper Install Video

This rear bumper is constructed from 3/16-inch steel plate to provide superior trail protection. It utilizes 1/2-inch thick steel frame mounting brackets and comes with all necessary hardware. The sleek tapered design easily slides off rocks and extends to protect your Jeep's rear quarter panels during extreme departure angles.

The bumper comes with mounting hardware and two D-ring shackles. Available in either a wrinkled or gloss black, heavy-duty powder coat finish.

Features at a glance:

• Designed to enhance your off road experience by protecting the rear and lower quarter panels of your Jeep from obstacles you will encounter off-road.

• Manufactured using 1/2" plate for bumper mounting brackets and 3/16" plate on main shell giving you the quality you expect from OR FAB.

• Stylish and rugged Sheet Metal design with tapered sides and bottom, slides easily off obstacles giving you added confidence to tackle the trail.

• Includes welded in D-Ring mounts and two D-Ring shackles.


OR-Fab's light bar for the Jeep JK Wrangler offers a solid mounting platform for a variety of lighting options.

Manufactured from 10-gauge steel, the OR-Fab Light Bar PN-87024 mounts to the factory A-pillar using the OEM bolts that secure the Jeep's body-to-window frame bracket.

OR-Fab added gussets to the pillar brackets, making them strong, sturdy and able to support a top cross-bar that allows the Jeep owner to mount up to five, eight inch diameter lights, a 60-inch wide LED light bar, or any variety of square or round light combinations.

The high mounted light bar fits all 2007- 2015 model Jeep JK Wranglers, and won't interfere with OEM or aftermarket tops.

It's also compatible with AEV brand snorkel systems.

Manufactured in the U.S.A, the OR-Fab light bar kit comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware, and is available in either a wrinkle, or smooth black powder coat finish.

Lights are not included.

OR-Fab #87046 2012-2015 Jeep® JK Vacuum Pump Relocation Kit

2012-2015 Jeep® JK Vacuum Pump Relocation Kit for use with all OR-Fab JK Steel Plate Bumpers with inset winch mounts.   Part Number # 87046

Features at a glance:
• 10 Gauge Steel Construction
• Made in the U.S.A.
• All hardware, Wiring and instructions included
• Precision LASER cut
• Used to relocate vacuum pump on 2012-2015 Jeep JK's
• Relocates vacuum pump to engine compartment, keeping pump out of the elements
• Allows installation of aftermarket bumpers with built in winch mounts on the 2012-2015 Jeep JK®

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Northridge 4x4 And OR-Fab Team Up To Offer Rebates During December

OR-Fab and Northridge 4x4 have teamed up for a new promotion called "Tis The Season." The promotion offers gift card rebates of up to $200 on OR-Fab products purchased from Northridge 4x4 until the end of December 2014. For more information on products and pricing, visit

 Visit for rebates on OR-Fab products.

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How To Install An OR-Fab Jeep XJ Cherokee Front Winch Bumper And Warn M8000S Winch

Jeep XJ Cherokee owners who want to upgrade their vehicle with a recovery winch, have to consider using a bumper that won't allow the winch to block airflow to the engine.  But they also want one that can withstand abuse on the trail and clear larger tires. So OR-Fab came up with a front winch-mount bumper that not only has an integral winch-mount, but also features a tapered "V" shaped design that easily slides off rocks and ledges.

The OR-Fab front bumper for 1984 thru 2001model Jeep Cherokee, PN-83241 is manufactured from 3/16-inch thick steel plate, that has been laser cut, CNC press brake bent to precise angles, hand welded, and hand ground to a smooth and perfectly angled finish and quality. The ends of the bumper are tapered to provide clearance for up to 37-inch diameter tires, and the integrated winch-mount works with any remote-style winch. The bumper is then finished in a gloss or wrinkled heavy-duty black powder coat finish.

Installation is simple and begins with selecting the right winch. OR-Fab recommends using a Warn M8000S winch, because it can be operated with a wired remote, and has an 8,000 lbs.-pull capacity. The winch weighs 80-lbs. and it features a 4.8 horsepower motor with a three-stage planetary gear set that provides smooth, fast, and reliable operation. The M8000S also comes with 100-ft of 5/16-inch wire rope, but is also available with Warn's Spydura synthetic rope. The Spydura synthetic rope reduces the winch's weight to 55 lbs, and provides easy handling on the trail for folks with a bit more winching experience.

The installation of the OR-Fab bumper and Warn winch beings with unbolting and removing the factory bumper, bottom air dam, and corner fender cross-braces from the vehicle. Because the OR-Fab bumper is a full-width design, some trimming of the front fenders is required to provide added tire clearance and for proper fitment of the bumper. The instructions give detailed guidelines of where to cut, but essentially, the fender is trimmed following the bottom of the XJ's grille back towards the wheel well. Once al the trimming is done, new OR-Fab mounting brackets are bolted in the factory locations.

Before the bumper can be mounted, the Warn M8000S winch must be assembled and bolted to the OR-Fab bumper. Following Warn's instructions for installing the winch,  the supplied nuts and bolts were used to secure the winch to the winch mount. The mounting bracket for the Warn control box normally sits above the winch motor, but in this application, the bracket was modified slightly (trimmed and an additional hole drilled), allowing the control box to sit slightly above the motor for easy access on top of the bumper. Warn also supplies a fairlead and a winch hook for the end of the cable.

Once the winch was mounted into the OR-Fab bumper, it took two people to lift the assembly and secure the bolts onto the Jeep's frame. Warn also supplies large two-gauge battery wire leads that were routed to the XJ's battery, and once attached, the installation was complete. The next step was to wind the Warn Spydura synthetic line onto the winch drum.

The OR-Fab bumper also features two heavy-duty D-ring mounts and comes with two D-rings. While the Warn winch comes with a winch hook, we upgraded to using a Factor-55 winch thimble. Warn also has winch thimbles and other winch accessories that make it easy to properly and safely hook up a winch-line.
By Dan Sanchez, DS Media

OR-Fab                           Warn Industries      

Installation Procedure

The OR-Fab HD front winch-mount bumper for the Jeep XJ is precision laser cut, CNC press-brake formed and hand welded and ground for a precise fit and maximum trail appeal. 

The first step is to remove the six bolts from the factory bumper. 

Here you can see the three bolts on each side that secure the bumper to the frame. 

The cross-braces that extend from the bottom of the fenders to the bumper mounts are also unbolted and removed.

Jeep XJ's also have a front air-dam that is unbolted and will  not be reused.

Following the instructions, OR-Fab trimmed the bottom portion of the front fenders, using the bottom edge of the grille as a guide.

With the trimming done, the heavy duty bumper mount plates are installed. 

OR-Fab likes using Warn's M8000S winch. An excellent value, it provides fast winding and when equipped with Warn's Spydura synthetic line, weight is reduced and the line is easier to use in the field. 

Using the provided hardware, the Warn winch was installed into the OR-Fab winch mount inside the bumper.

Warn provides a bracket that mounts the control box onto the top of the winch. In this application, it required some minor trimming to make it work on the OR-Fab bumper.

OR-Fab trimmed the front mount of the bracket and used the trimmed piece as an extension for the rear mount.

Here you can see how the bracket was easily cut, drilled and attached to the winch. 

Following the instructions from Warn, we attached the wiring and prepared the bumper for installation onto the Jeep. 

It takes two people to support the bumper with the winch mounted in it, and set it up against the new mounting brackets. 

The mounting bracket bolts are provided in the OR-Fab kit and secure the bumper to the factory and additional mounting locations on the Jeep's chassis. 

Warn provides heavy two-gauge battery leads that are routed from the bumper and attached to the Jeep's battery.

Once installed, the Jeep XJ not only looks great, but now has recovery capabilities and clearance for up to 37-inch diameter tires. The winch control box is easily accessible and does not hinder airflow to the radiator. The OR-Fab bumper also comes with two D-ring mounts. The Factor-55 winch thimble and OR-Fab fairlead were added as custom options.

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New OR-Fab Full-Width Bumpers Offer A Sleek Style With Optimum Protection

OR-Fab’s new full-width front bumper for 2007-present model Jeep JK Wranglers combines a sleek appearance with optimum trail protection. Manufactured in the U.S.A, from 3/16-inch steel plate, the bumper features two heavy-duty D-ring mounts, and integrated pockets for the OEM driving lights. This high-quality, hand-welded bumper is precision laser cut and CNC press brake formed to create a strong, tapered-angle design that easily slides off rocks and ledges. It also clears larger diameter tires, up to 37-inches, and allows for greater approach angles.

The new OR-Fab bumper easily installs into the vehicle’s factory bumper mounts without any cutting or drilling, and is available for a variety of winch applications. OR-Fab PN 83238 fits integrated center-mount winches, and PN 83237 fits off-set PowerPlant winches. The bumper is also available for top-mount winches, PN 83236 that includes a fairlead. It’s also available without a fairlead, PN 83235, but an OR-Fab fairlead PN 87050 can be added without any drilling. All of the bumpers feature a heavy-duty, wrinkle black powder coat finish and come with installation hardware and two D-rings. For more information, contact OR-Fab P.O. Box 3450, Chino Valley, AZ 86323. Visit them online at

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OR-Fab Rock Doors Available For 2012 Jeep JK Wrangler And Wrangler Unlimited

OR-Fab rock doors for the 2007 to 2012 Jeep JK Wrangler provide a safe and reliable way to enjoy your trail ride. Manufactured in the U.S., the doors are made from 1-1/4 inch, .095 thick steel tubing with full-loop construction for superior strength. The doors, (front PN-88002, rear PN-88003), come with OR FAB’s exclusive “Geko” Nylon safety pad that includes a zippered carrying pouch. Available in either gloss or wrinkled black powder coat, they feature adjustable hinges and latches for a perfect fit.

You can also attach your Jeep’s factory mirrors to OR-Fab Rock Doors with OR-Fab’s Mirror Mounts, (PN-87025), to increase your safety and visibility when you head from the trail, back onto the street. For more information, contact OR-Fab,  P.O. Box 3450, Chino Valley, AZ 86323, (928) 636-7080. Or visit them on the web at,

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How to install an OR-Fab Jeep XJ Rear Tube Bumper

OR-Fab Jeep XJ rock slider rear bumper PN 83209
Jeep XJ Cherokees have been a popular vehicle for both outdoor enthusiasts, as well as hard-core rock crawlers. For those serious about taking their XJ’s on the trail it’s common to replace the XJ’s front bumper with one that can withstand a few impacts, as well as carry a heavy-duty winch.   But the rear factory bumper is also a component that can see severe trail damage when coming off a ledge or large rock. Steep departure angles can not only mangle the XJ’s rear bumper, but also cause serious damage to the tailgate and rear quarters.

Because many XJ owners have wanted a strong, yet light weight rear bumper, manufacturers like OR-Fab have come up with a tubular-style bumper that provides the added trail protection XJ owners want, but without adding lots of weight or bulk. OR-Fab’s XJ rear tube bumper, PN-83209, is made from two-inch, .120-wall steel tubing that is strong enough to protect the bottom of the rear rocker panel and tailgate. But because it is also a wrap-around design, it also protects the lower quarters and offers a sturdy platform for recovery and placement for a Hi-Lift Jack.

The bumper installs in the factory location, using the original bumper holes and new heavy-duty bumper brackets. On some XJs that don’t use the same bumper mount brackets as earlier models, you’ll need to drill 1/2-inch holes to attach the OR-Fab brackets. These models typically have bottom bolts and top bolts that secure the bumper to the uni-frame. To give additional support to the OR-Fab bumper, the kit comes with 1/4-inch straps that anchor it to the hitch mount. This ensures a solid connection that won’t vibrate or distort under load.

Once installed, you can see that the OR-Fab bumper tucks in close to the XJ’s body and protects the bottom rear quarters. The bumper was originally designed to be used with a factory hitch but it can be used with aftermarket hitches with some minor modifications. For more information, visit
Text and photos by DS Media Relations.

Installation Photos

On 1984-2001 models  reach behind the bumper and remove the eight bolts, four on each side, of the center section bumper brackets. The bumper can then be lifted away.

On 97-and some later models,  there are side brackets that must be removed. Start by unbolting the bottom  corner bolts, then lift up the corners to remove them. This will give you access to drill out the bracket rivets with a 1/4 inch drill bit.

Here’s what the rear of the bumper looks like after it’s removed.

The bumper kit comes with new bumper brackets and the hardware provided. These include bolts, nut inserts and anchor straps. On some models you may have to drill 1/2-inch holes to bolt the brackets into the frame.

The anchor straps connect the brackets to the underside of the frame.

The OR-Fab XJ rear tube bumper comes in three sections. These must be bolted together using the hardware in the kit.

The bumper is light enough for you to lift and place it into position onto the new OR-Fab brackets.

Using the new hardware provided in the kit, the bumper is bolted to the brackets.

The finishing touch is to attach the D-rings that are also provided in the kit.

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OR-Fab's New Jeep XJ Cherokee Test Vehicle

OR-Fab Project Jeep XJ
Jeep owners know that their vehicles are more than a means of transportation. That’s why older Jeeps like the XJ Cherokee, are as popular as some sixties muscle cars. The difference however, is that Jeep XJ owners aren’t afraid to get their vehicles dirty. That's why you often see them modified for extreme trail use. This is one of the reasons why Chris Faustmann, who manages the research and development for Performance Automotive Group, bought and built-up a 1996 Jeep Cherokee that would be used as both a test bed for the company's new product development, as well as a means to satisfy Faustmann’s love for rock crawling with his favorite model Jeep.

OR-Fab Jeep XJ Rear Bumper
The XJ sports OR-Fab's new rear comp-cut bumper.
To begin with, the XJ was outfitted with the company’s OR-Fab line of products that include a new front winch mount HD bumper, and a new rear “comp cut” bumper. The new rear bumper was developed on this Jeep and is much more streamlined with a tapered edge, and designed to easily slip off rocks while protecting the rear hatch and quarters. The Jeep was also outfitted with OR-Fab’s rear quarter panels, as well as a set of custom fabricated rock rails to protect the XJ’s side rockers.

The front suspension system used on the Jeep, is a prototype that Faustmann designed for the company's other brand, Trail Master Suspension. It's a six-inch lift system that features a tri-link long-arm lift and a heavy duty cross member and track bar bracket. There's no telling when or if the new suspension will make it to market, but it appears to work extremely well on the XJ, when it debuted for it's first trail run during the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. To compliment the front, the rear was outfitted with a Rock Krawler four-link coil conversion with RuffStuff chassis stiffeners. Furthermore, to allow the XJ to drive and maneuver smoothly, Faustmann also added a set of 11-inch Fox Racing 2.0 reservoir shocks, a Currie Anti-Rock sway bar system, and PSC hydraulic ram-assist steering .

OR-Fab Project Jeep XJ Cherokee Front Ford Dana44 axle
Front axles are from a 1976 Ford F-150.
The XJ’s drivetrain was totally upgraded to a variety of components that not too many Jeep owners tend to consider. The front axles for example, are out of a 1976 Ford F-150. It’s essentially a Dana 44 high-pinion housing that was outfitted with T&T Customs axle truss, an ARB air locker, Warn premium locking hubs, and Superior 30-spline Evolution axles with 5:13 ring and pinion gears.  The Ford front axle is connected to REID Racing forged steering knuckles and Artec Industries forged steering arms, which all match up great to the XJ’s body and chassis.

With a front drivetrain that’s much stronger than the factory XJ axles and steering, Faustmann also did the same with the rear by installing a Ford 9-inch out of a 1979 F-150 pickup. The housing was modified with an RK Heavy Duty welded truss system, 35-spline Superior Evolution axles and gears, a Detroit locker, and a rear disc brake conversion that was compiled from GM 3/4-ton truck parts and Ruff Stuff Specialties caliper brackets. The original transfer case was also upgraded with an Atlas two-speed unit and new heavy duty, 1310 steel driveshafts from Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts.

OR-Fab Project Jeep Rear axle
Rear Ford 9-inch came out of a 1979 F-150 pickup.

Under the hood, Faustmann added an ATK Performance 4.0 liter engine and outfitted it with an S&S Custom exhaust system.  The engine transfers its torque to a rebuilt Jeep AW4 automatic transmission, before it applies the power to the set of Goodyear 315/70R17 MT/R Kevlar tires mounted on Trail Ready 17x8.5 beadlock wheels.

Just in case the XJ ever gets into a precarious situation, the Warn M8000 winch, with Spyder Line synthetic cable running through a Hawse billet fairlead, provides an excellent means for recovery. Extra trail gear can be carried on the Gobi Stealth roof rack, and a set of Rigid Industries LED lights and light bar help to illuminate the way once the sun sets. The overall exterior of the XJ looks like it’s ready to take on any challenge, but the interior didn’t need to change much, with the only upgrade being a set of front black, Corbeau Baja XR-S seats.

OR-Fab Project Jeep XJ Cherokee Corbeau Seats
Corbeau seats fit nicely in the XJ.
Needless to say, this Jeep gets lots of looks when it’s both on the highway and the trail. But aside from the American Rock Rod hood lovers and the bright red paint, the XJ is impressive for its engineering savvy and use of non–traditional components. This has many Jeep owners crawling in and underneath the vehicle to check out how the Cherokee was constructed. 

Considering that Jeep is now owned by Fiat, who also owns Ferarri, it gave Faustmann the idea to consider a whimsical nomenclature to the Cherokee. While Jeep did build a Ferrari styled version of the SRT8 Grand Cherokee, Faustmann new that his vehicle wasn’t truly Italian influenced, so it was dubbed the “Ferrarjeep.” More than anything, this Jeep Cherokee has stirred the imagination of many enthusiasts who have renewed their love for the Cherokee, and are now inspired to build and drive this vehicle on the trail once again.
For more information, contact Performance Automotive Group, P.O. Box 3450, Chino Valley, Arizona, 86323. (928) 636-7080. Visit them at and

Text and photos by DS Media Relations

Additional Images

OR-Fab Jeep XJ Cherokee at 2012 Easter Jeep Safari
The XJ is extremely capable off-road with its prototype Trail Master Long-Arm suspension system.

OR-Fab Jeep XJ Front winch bumper with Warn M8000 winch
The XJ uses an OR-Fab Front HD bumper with a Warn M8000 winch, with Spyder Line synthetic cable running through a Hawse billet fairlead
OR-Fab Jeep XJ Goodyear MT/R Kevlar tires and Trail Ready wheels
Goodyear 315/70R17 MT/R Kevlar tires mounted on Trail Ready 17x8.5 beadlock wheels.

OR-Fab Jeep XJ Rear Quarter Armor
Additional trail protection comes from a set of OR-Fab rear quarter armor used with ORO LED lights.

OR-Fab Jeep XJ Cherokee ATK 4.0L engine
The original engine was replaced with an ATK 4.0Liter rebuilt engine that's augmented with an S&S exhaust system.

OR-Fab Jeep XJ Cherokee American Rock Rod hood louvers
American Rock Rod hood louvers were added to augment the Cherokee's appearance.

OR-Fab Jeep XJ Cherokee Atlas two-speed transfer case
The original transfer case was also upgraded with an Atlas two-speed unit.