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How to install an OR-Fab Jeep XJ Rear Tube Bumper

OR-Fab Jeep XJ rock slider rear bumper PN 83209
Jeep XJ Cherokees have been a popular vehicle for both outdoor enthusiasts, as well as hard-core rock crawlers. For those serious about taking their XJ’s on the trail it’s common to replace the XJ’s front bumper with one that can withstand a few impacts, as well as carry a heavy-duty winch.   But the rear factory bumper is also a component that can see severe trail damage when coming off a ledge or large rock. Steep departure angles can not only mangle the XJ’s rear bumper, but also cause serious damage to the tailgate and rear quarters.

Because many XJ owners have wanted a strong, yet light weight rear bumper, manufacturers like OR-Fab have come up with a tubular-style bumper that provides the added trail protection XJ owners want, but without adding lots of weight or bulk. OR-Fab’s XJ rear tube bumper, PN-83209, is made from two-inch, .120-wall steel tubing that is strong enough to protect the bottom of the rear rocker panel and tailgate. But because it is also a wrap-around design, it also protects the lower quarters and offers a sturdy platform for recovery and placement for a Hi-Lift Jack.

The bumper installs in the factory location, using the original bumper holes and new heavy-duty bumper brackets. On some XJs that don’t use the same bumper mount brackets as earlier models, you’ll need to drill 1/2-inch holes to attach the OR-Fab brackets. These models typically have bottom bolts and top bolts that secure the bumper to the uni-frame. To give additional support to the OR-Fab bumper, the kit comes with 1/4-inch straps that anchor it to the hitch mount. This ensures a solid connection that won’t vibrate or distort under load.

Once installed, you can see that the OR-Fab bumper tucks in close to the XJ’s body and protects the bottom rear quarters. The bumper was originally designed to be used with a factory hitch but it can be used with aftermarket hitches with some minor modifications. For more information, visit www.orfab.com.
Text and photos by DS Media Relations.

Installation Photos

On 1984-2001 models  reach behind the bumper and remove the eight bolts, four on each side, of the center section bumper brackets. The bumper can then be lifted away.

On 97-and some later models,  there are side brackets that must be removed. Start by unbolting the bottom  corner bolts, then lift up the corners to remove them. This will give you access to drill out the bracket rivets with a 1/4 inch drill bit.

Here’s what the rear of the bumper looks like after it’s removed.

The bumper kit comes with new bumper brackets and the hardware provided. These include bolts, nut inserts and anchor straps. On some models you may have to drill 1/2-inch holes to bolt the brackets into the frame.

The anchor straps connect the brackets to the underside of the frame.

The OR-Fab XJ rear tube bumper comes in three sections. These must be bolted together using the hardware in the kit.

The bumper is light enough for you to lift and place it into position onto the new OR-Fab brackets.

Using the new hardware provided in the kit, the bumper is bolted to the brackets.

The finishing touch is to attach the D-rings that are also provided in the kit.

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