Thursday, April 15, 2010

How To Measure And Adjust Trail Master Control Arms

Many Trail Master suspension lift systems for trucks, SUV's and Jeeps, feature heavy-duty adjustable control arms that need to be installed onto the vehicle at the correct length. Because this measurement is critical to maintain the vehicle's proper suspension alignment, a new Tech Tip video from Trail Master, demonstrates how to properly measure and make adjustments to control arms that feature polyurethane or Flex-Joint bushing ends.

Chris Faustmann of Performance Automotive Group's R&D department shows how to easily measure from the center of the control arm bushing ends, make the correct adjustments, and lock down the bushing nuts to hold them in the proper position.

Watch the video below or visit the company's YouTube Channel to see it and more of the company's Tech Tip Videos. Click HERE to get more information on Trail Master suspension systems or visit then at
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