Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tips To Installing OR-Fab's Jeep JK Rocker Side Armor Plates

Drilling holes into your Jeep's sheet metal is always a little intimidating, but essential to installing OR-Fab's Rocker Side Armor for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Fortunately the company's new Tech Tip video can offer some visual help in measuring, and the proper use the OR-Fab Rocker Side Armor as a template to mark and drill your holes.

The kit also comes with a rivet-nut tool that installs the nuts into some of the holes, where it's difficult to insert a standard bolt behind the sheet metal. Chris Faustmann of Performance Automotive Group demonstrates how to properly use the tool, to safely and accurately insert the rivet nuts into position and make the installation of your OR-Fab Rocker Side Armor a simple task.

Watch the OR-Fab Tech Tip video below or visit the company's YouTube Channel to see it and more of the company's Tech Tip Videos. Click HERE to get more information on OR-Fab Rocker Side Armor for Jeeps or visit then at
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