Thursday, April 15, 2010

OR-Fab Video Shows Tips On Jeep JK Spare Tire Carrier Installation

OR-Fab's Tech Tip video on the Jeep JK Spare Tire Carrier gives some helpful installation advice. One of the more intimidating aspects of any installation is drilling a hole into the body. In the case of the OR-Fab Jeep JK Spare Tire Carrier, a hole needs to be drilled into the body for the carrier's landing block.

According to Chris Faustmann of Performance Automotive Group's R&D department, the landing block has to handle the load of the swing-away door, which can hold up to a 37-inch diameter spare tire and two Gerry cans. So to reinforce the area, the OR-Fab Tire Carrier comes with a heavy duty bracket that bolts behind the sheet metal and is attached with six bolts. 

The video shows how to properly measure and drill for the landing block spacer and mounting bolt, while also demonstrating how the reinforcement bracket strengthens the entire area behind the plate.

Watch the video below or visit the company's YouTube Channel to see it and more of the company's Tech Tip Videos. Click HERE to get more information on the OR-Fab Tire Carrier for the Jeep JK or visit
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