Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Performance Accessories offers holiday gift ideas for the off-road enthusiast in your family

They put on a happy face when opening a gift bag that contains either socks, a necktie or a dress shirt, but in reality, off-road enthusiasts are often disappointed when they don't get something they can add to their truck or Jeep. If you appreciate the enthusiasm someone has for their vehicle, here are some ideas from Performance Accessories, that will make any off-road enthusiast extremely happy this holiday season.

Keeping It On The Level

Leveling kits are an inexpensive way to raise a vehicle a couple of inches to allow the truck owner to run slightly larger diameter all-terrain or mud-terrain tires for better traction. This also levels out the front to rear ride height of the vehicle and doesn't affect the ride quality. On average, leveling kits for most late-model 2011 trucks run about $150 or less. Some Jeep systems are as low as $40.

Goin' Gap-Less
If your family off-road enthusiast recently added a body-lift to their vehicle, chances are they're happy with the extra ride height for larger tires and greater ground clearance, but they probably don't like the visible gap in the wheel wells, that's between the body and frame. Performance Accessories' Gap Guards replace the factory wheel well covers to hide the gaps. They're manufactured from durable polyurethane and keep water, dirt and debris from entering into the engine compartment. They attach in minutes and give the vehicle the factory appearance they've been wanting from their body-lift. Gap Guards typically retail around $100, depending on the make and model vehicle.

Something For That Old Beater

Love comes in many forms but if the off-road enthusiast in your family has an affection towards an old rusted Jeep or pickup, try giving them a new set of greasable leaf-spring shackles. Performance Accessories shackles are manufactured from 3/4-inch thick, laser cut steel plate and are gold Zinc anodized to eliminate rust. They also feature urethane bushings that can be lubricated through a Zerk fitting. They're available to replace the factory units that sometimes bind, or to add one or two inches of ride height. Performance Accessories leaf spring shackles are available for Ford, Jeep, Suzuki, Toyota, GM and Isuzu applications and most run around $120.

Keep Your Jeep CJ Enthusiast From Breaking Down On The Trail.

Tired of hearing stories about how the old Jeep broke another leaf-spring U-bolt while on the trail? Shut them up for good with a U-bolt skid plate kit. These bolt to the bottom of the leaf-spring U-bolts on older Jeep CJ's to protect them when they come into contact with the rock. Performance Accessories uses 1/4-inch thick steel spring plates and 3/4-inch thick steel skid plates with welded braces that allow them to easily slide over rocks without damaging the U-bolts. Available for a variety of year Jeep CJ's and for front and rear leaf springs. These retail from $65 to $100, depending on the year and model Jeep. 

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