Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jeep TJ Essentials Buyer's Guide

Jeep TJ owners seem to get forgotten due to the many new products available for the newer JK models. But there are many true rock crawling enthusiasts that still own and love their TJ and TJL model Jeeps. These vehicles are also abundant and inexpensive, allowing new Jeep enthusiasts to get involved in off-road. But to learn how to rock crawl and drive off-road, Jeep TJ owners will need a variety of components that will increase the vehicle's ride height, improve its articulation over obstacles, and provide lots of body protection.

Grow A Few Easy Inches
One of the first things you'll need to do to your Jeep TJ is add some ride height. If you don't have the budget for a full suspension lift, a three-inch body lift might work well to get you into some larger diameter wheels and tires. Performance Accessories manufactures a variety of complete body lifts for the TJ and TJL, that can give your vehicle one, two or three extra inches of ride height. These body lifts come complete with nylon reinforced body mounts, heavy-duty hardware and laser cut steel bumper brackets.

Fully Suspended
If you want serious traction and articulation from your Jeep TJ, consider a full suspension system. Trail Master Suspension offers a great kit  providing four-inches of lift and replaces the factory control arms with stronger, .250-wall tubular steel arms. The arms are also outfitted with the latest in FlexJoint technology, and heavy duty coil springs.

A Home For Your Winch
Self recovery is a must for any serious off-road vehicle, especially your Jeep TJ. So a heavy-duty front bumper with a winch mount makes a perfect accessory that not only protects the front of your vehicle, but also serves as a place to mount your winch. A high-quality front bumper like one from OR-Fab is made from 3/16-inch steel plate and features a heavy-duty winch and fairlead mount. It also has two 3/4-inch D-ring mounts and an sturdy attachment point for a Hi-Lift jack.

Stay Tough In The Cage
One of the best ways to add some serious rigidity to the Jeep TJ is by adding a sport cage. Popular ones like OR-Fab's sport cage for the TJ, tie into the vehicle's dash. A lower floor mount kit, sold separately, connects everything together from the frame up and greatly strengthens the vehicle when its twisted and under full articulation.

Lighten That Spare Tire
Carrying a full spare tire is a great idea, but finding one that's lightweight and strong seems almost like an oxymoron. OR-Fab's swing away spare tire carrier for Jeep TJ's, has the right combination. It's made from 1.5-inch .120 wall steel tubing and features a heavy-duty hinge with 500-lbs. lockable and adjustable draw latch. This combination makes the spare tire carrier vibration free and allows it to carry a full 37-inch diameter spare and two Gerry cans.

Protect Your Rear
The rear of your Jeep TJ needs just as much protection as the front. OR-Fab's rear bumper for the Jeep TJ is made from 3/16-inch steel plate and improves your TJ's departure angles. It also comes with two heavy-duty D-ring mounts and incorporates a two-inch hitch receiver for mounting accessories, (not load rated).

Rockin' Down Under
A must for any Jeep, is a set of rock rails to protect your TJ's lower rocker panels. OR-Fab rock rails for the TJ feature a .120-wall steel tube rock guard that's tucks in close to the Jeep's body and completely protects the factory rocker panel from the bottom, and side.

A Room With A View
Rock doors not only provide a more open-air experience while driving your Jeep on the trail, it also offers some protection and allows you to easily see where you're placing your TJ's tires to crawl over an obstacle. OR-Fab's rock doors for the TJ offer great visibility and easily attach to the factory hinges. They feature a solid full-loop construction and come with a latch kit and nylon pad kit with a zippered map pouch.

 No matter what level of off-road skills you may have, keep in mind that adding the right accessories to your Jeep TJ will not only increase its value, it will also help you to enjoy your outdoor trail rides to the fullest. For more information on any of these products for the Jeep TJ, visit.,, and
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