Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Install An OR-Fab Jeep JK Spare Tire Carrier With Rotopax™ Containers

Jeep owners who are experienced off-road enthusiasts outfit their vehicles with larger diameter tires for improved traction and ground clearance. This always leads to carrying a spare on an aftermarket spare tire carrier. Over the years, spare tire carriers have adapted to haul more than just a spare and today’s Jeep owners also want to carry popular modular fluid containers. OR-Fab came up with a spare tire carrier design that accommodates Rotopax™ modular containers, but also has an improved design that makes the carrier light weight, yet strong enough to haul up to a 37-inch diameter tire.

The OR-Fab Spare Tire Carrier PN-85209 is made from 1.5-inch diameter, .120 wall steel tubing and comes with two, Rotopax modular containers.
The tire OR-Fab’s new swing-a-way carrier for 2007-’11 model Jeep JK Wranglers, holds the spare 5.5 inches higher for more obstacle clearance and is manufactured from 1.5 inch diameter, .120 wall steel tubing. It allows full use of the tailgate, and features a heavy-duty hinge with a 500-lbs. lockable and adjustable draw latch. The carrier includes two Rotopax™ spin mounts for two three-gallon Rotopax™ containers, and includes a mount for a Hi-Lift® jack and CB antenna.

The key to vibration-free operation is the inner fender mount that strengthens the fender and distributes the weight evenly across the Jeep’s tailgate.

An additional hinge plate upper support bracket is also used to strengthen the area, allowing the swing away tire carrier to be mounted completely free from the bumper, like most spare tire carriers.

From the top looking into the inside of the tailgate section of the Jeep, you can see the support on the driver’s side that requires drilling and installing heavy duty hardware

With the heavy-duty brace installed, the tire carrier’s strike plate can be drilled and installed onto the Jeeps rear fender.

The factory hinges are removed using a Torx bit and are replaced with the OR-Fab spare tire carrier spacer behind it. New hardware is also provided and it simply bolts into position.  

New Heavy-duty hinges attach the carrier to the hinge spacers. Once installed, the spare tire carrier can open separately from the tailgate

Replace the factory tailgate hinge covers.

The spare tire carrier can hold a stock wheel, or a variety of aftermarket wheels up to 37-inches in diameter.

This particular OR-Fab carrier part number 85209 comes with two, three-gallon Rotopax containers. The vehicle owner can choose between water or fuel or a mix of both.

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