Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PAG Sponsors And Participates In SoCal Camp Jeep Event

As avid off-road enthusiasts, the Performance Automotive group doesn't pass up a chance to go four wheeling. As sponsors of Camp Jeep, held in Big Bear, California, May 13-15th, it presented an opportunity for several PAG staff to take to the trails along with many other experienced, and first-time Jeepers who attended the event.  

Chris Faustmann, who handles PAG's research and development, brought out his Jeep XJ which had been recently been outfitted with new Dynatrac axles, coil-over shocks and OR-Fab body armor and bumpers. Among a huge crowd of JK and TJ owners, the XJ was a big hit and drew crowds of Jeep owners who wanted to find out how a pair of aftermarket axles for the JK could fit and work so nicely underneath the older XJ model. 

Led by three trail guides, the PAG XJ and its crew headed on the John Bull trail, one of the most difficult in the area. The trail weaves through a few dense areas of trees and brush and several others lined with huge boulders and rocks, that requires some experience to maneuver around. Despite the fact that this was the first time the XJ had seen dirt since the upgrades, it performed flawlessly. Many of the Jeep owners on the trail ride, who own JK and TJ models, were impressed with the ease, traction and stability that the PAG XJ Jeep weaved its way around large obstacles. They were also impressed at the new OR-Fab body armor that the PAG XJ wore and managed to keep in pristine condition on the trail, while other Jeep owners suffered dented doors, and scraped rock rails and bumpers.

Many of the new OR-Fab products featured on the PAG XJ, and other products for Jeep JK's can be found on http://www.orfab.com/
Text and Photos by DS Media

Many Jeep enthusiasts attend Camp Jeeps that are held across the country. This one was held in Big Bear Lake, California and attracted many California residents, as well as a few from other states.

Part of the Camp Jeep experience is learning to handle your vehicle with help from veteran trail guides. After a brief introduction and some ground rules, these three trail guides led the group up the John Bull trail.

The trail winds its way up the mountain and comes up to many areas with large boulders that test the limits of your skill and Jeep.

A view from the trail head overlooks the Big Bear Lake and surrounding areas below.

The PAG Jeep XJ owned by Chris Faustmann, handled all of the obstacles with ease. The Jeep was outfitted with new OR-Fab accessories including body armor, front and rear bumpers and rock rails.

One of the highlights on the trail is the Rock Garden. Here Jeeps crawl over rocks that slip and move under the weight of the vehicle. The rocks grind together making a unique sound that you have to experience.

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