Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trail Master Brand Featured In Off Road Industry Magazine

Reinventing the Trail Master brand was not an easy task when it was first purchased by the Performance Automotive Group. But the successful efforts to bring back the brand are highlighted in an article in the Fall 2009 issue of Off Road Industry Magazine. The article is titled "Rising From The Ashes," by John Stewart, who interviewed Yates Hudson of Performance Automotive Group. In the article Hudson explains how changing the sales and distribution models, along with investing in a new higher quality product line, has changed the way retailers and consumers see the Trail Master brand.

He also indicated that in order to reinvent the brand, getting new information to consumers was critical, as well as working with existing distribution channels that were eventually built upon and expanded. At the same time Hudson explained that Trail Master's products have been completely improved or redesigned on the basis of the company's high-quality standards, and with input from consumers who indicate what they wanted.

Hudson stated that Trail Master is still evolving and that the company's commitment to making high-quality products has a niche, with an ever increasing following. Click here to see the full line of Trail Master Suspension products.
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