Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Accessories Jeep JK Wrangler Owners Will Love

According to the Specialty Equipment Market Association, the Jeep JK Wrangler is one of the most upgraded vehicles. With an abundance of front winch bumpers, suspension lift kits, rear spare tire carriers, wheels, tires, soft-tops, engine upgrades and more, there seems to be no end to the amount of modifications that can be done to these vehicles. If you're not ready to spend several hundred dollars on your Jeep just yet, here are some less expensive alternatives that can not only give your Jeep Wrangler a few more looks, but also help it perform and work better in both an urban and back-country trail environments. 

Rock Door Mirror Brackets
Adding a set of rock-doors to your Jeep makes it easy to see how you maneuver over rocks and ledges on the trail and give you an open-air feeling. But once you get from the trail back onto the highway, you're missing the rear view mirrors for safety. OR-Fab's mirror relocation brackets allow you to easily attach your JK Wrangler's side mirrors onto a set of your OR-Fab Rock Doors. The brackets simply bolt-on and don't require any drilling. They're also made from 10-gauge steel and are strong enough to withstand normal trail abuse.

Tailgate Vent Cap
Many Jeep owners use an aftermarket spare tire carrier that swings away to easily access the rear tailgate. Most Jeep owners are proud of this upgrade, until they swing the tire away and see an ugly, plastic tailgate vent plate. OR-Fab makes a great looking steel, tailgate vent plate that features the OR-Fab logo and gecko. It comes in a wrinkle or gloss black powdercoat finish and will save you from embarrassment the next time you swing away your spare tire to get you kid's juice boxes in the back.

License Plate Bracket
So you finally added that rear quarter panel armor and love how your Jeep JK looks. But you're stuck trying to find out where to mount the license plate. OR-Fab's license plate bracket allows you to easily mount the plate over the vehicle's tailgate vent plate. The bracket installs without drilling into the vehicle and bolts into the the factory vent plate holes. The plate is strong and can also hold a RotopaX PM mount for a single Rotopax three-gallon capacity container.

One-Inch Body Lift
Jeep JK Wranglers were meant to crawl, not carry lots of weight. But if you've outfitted yours with a heavy-duty front bumper, a big winch, rear spare tire carrier and gear for the weekend, you may find that your ground clearance is a bit lower. For decades, avid Jeep enthusiasts have used a simple one-inch body-lift to make up for the extra ground clearance. The body-lift kits, like those from Performance Accessories, cost less than $100 bucks and use nylon-reinforced body blocks that provide the right amount of absorption and strength to make them completely reliable.

Quick Disconnect Anti-Sway Bar End Links

You don't have to envy other Jeep owners who opted for the electronic sway-bar disconnect system. Manufacturers such as Performance Accessories offer a kit that includes a front coil spring leveling kit with quick disconnect front sway-bar end links. The kit is easy to install and costs about $120. For a stock or body-lifted Jeep JK Wrangler, the added lift can compensate for a heavy front winch, while the quick disconnect end links allow the suspension to articulate to it's maximum potential. Plus you can snicker at your friends because you saved hundreds of dollars in the process.

Windshield Light Mount System
You bought a cool set of off-road lights but the light mounting bolts don't match up to the per-drilled holes on your front bumper. Instead of drilling or switching to smaller lights that will fit, a windshield light mount kit is a better idea. Manufacturers like OR-Fab have an light mount system that attaches to the windshield pillars using the factory holes and bolts. No drilling is necessary. Furthermore, there's plenty of room at the top of the mount to add any size round, square or LED light bars that you want without modifications or re-drilling any holes. In addition, the higher mounted lights will illuminate further out in front of your vehicle and allow you to see the trail much better when the sun goes down.

For more information on any of the products listed, contact Performance Automotive Group, P.O. Box 3450, Chino Valley, AZ 86323. 928 636-7080.

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