Thursday, April 12, 2012

Performance Automotive Group's Poison Spider Run At 2012 Easter Jeep Safari

The Performance Automotive Group, and it's brands consisting of Trail Master Suspension, OR-Fab, and Performance Accessories, sponsored one of the Red Rock 4Wheeler's Jeep runs, during the 2012 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. The trail ride was to the Poison Spider Mesa, where more than 60 Jeeps participated. The run took place on a beautiful and warm day, and Performance Automotive Group handed out caps, and fliers on all of the company's products. Many of the Jeep enthusiasts on the run enjoyed talking to the company representatives on the run that included the president, owners, research and development staff and sales staff; all of whom drive their own vehicles and are avid rock crawling enthusiasts. Here are some of the photos taken during the trail run that day.

By DS Media Relations. 

Staging area for the Poison Spider Mesa trail ride

PAG President Steve Rezek (2nd from left) with trail guides

On the first portion of the Poison Spider Mesa trail.

One of the rest areas by the sand dunes.

The trail of Jeeps heading across the Mesa.

Some of the obstacles required lots of articulation.

This H1 lifted its wheels off the ground on this obstacle.

Jeep Cherokee without a roof.

Our friends who drove from California to Moab, Utah.

At another stop along the route.

PAG folks talking with friends on the trail.

Admiring the Jeeps while waiting for the convoy to start up again.

At the staging area adding decals to our Jeeps.

Airing down the tires at the staging area.

A long caravan of Jeeps along the trail.

Talking Jeeps along one of the rest stops by the sand dunes.

Lots of Wranglers and a few Cherokee XJ's on the caravan.

Folks waiting for initial instructions before the run.

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