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How To Install Side Rocker Armor On Jeep JK Wranglers

One of the most vulnerable areas on your 2007-present model Jeep Wrangler, is the lower rocker panels. During extreme off-road rock crawling, even on moderate trails, the lower rockers can make contact with large rocks and ledges that can scrape and severely dent the sheet metal. Rock slider bars work great to protect the rocker panels from underneath, but to little to protect the area below the the vehicle's doors. This area can also get scratched and dented from obstacles on the trail and from people entering and exiting the vehicle.

To protect this area on Jeep Wranglers, OR-Fab manufactures side rocker armor that is available for both two-door (PN 84310) and four-door (PN 84320) applications. The armor is precision laser cut from 3/16th -inch steel plate, for a perfect fit, and features an extremely durable black powder coat, that's available in a gloss or matte-wrinkle finish. Aside from adding more protection to the side rockers, the armor also enhances the vehicle's appearance, while strengthening the door frames during extreme articulation maneuvers.

The armor is easy to install and comes with all of the necessary hardware, including stainless steel button-head bolts, a rivet nut tool and rivet nuts. (See the install photos below). OR-Fab also recommends using the company's synthetic rubber armor liners, PN 87310 (2dr) and PN 87320 (4dr), that sandwich between the steel plate armor and the vehicle's outer sheet metal to prevent dust and moisture from getting trapped in-between.

Using the body armor as a template and holding it in position, the holes are marked onto the Jeep. The directions call for drilling 5/16th-inch holes closest to the front of the vehicle, and 3/8-inch holes in the rest of the areas. The rivet nuts are inserted into the holes and the rivet nut tool provided in the kit, is used to crimp them into position.

If you're using OR-Fab's synthetic liner, this goes on like a gasket, and can be inserted with the side armor. Some bolts are installed directly into the rivet nuts, while other areas, such as behind the fender, require using a bolt, nut and washer. You may need to unbolt the bottom of the fender and pull it away to gain access to the rear of the panel, but it's not difficult to accomplish.

Once all the bolts are tightened, the installation is complete. The OR-Fab Side Body Armor can be used with aftermarket or OR-Fab Rock Sliders, (PN 84207 2dr), (PN 84307 4dr). For more information, visit www.ORFab.com.
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Installation Procedure

Using the armor as a template, mark the holes onto the Jeep.

The instructions call for drilling 5/16-inch and 3/8-inch holes in specific areas.

The kit comes with rivet nuts and a rivet nut tool. This is easy to use and simplifies the installation.

The rivet nut tool compresses the rivet nuts and secures them into the areas where a nut and washer can't be inserted.

Here you can see how the rivet nut tool compresses the rivet nut to secure it into the Jeep's outer sheet metal.

This is what the rivet nuts look like when they are inserted into the Jeep.

OR-Fab also recommends using its synthetic body armor liners, that prevent dust and moisture from getting trapped between the Jeep's outer sheet metal and the body side armor.

Hold the side body armor in place and insert the bolts. Some areas will use bolts, washers and nuts.

The finished installation enhances the appearance of the Jeep, adds strength to the door area and offers extra protection. The OR-Fab Side Body Armor can be used with OR-Fab Rock Sliders as shown here.

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