Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Performance Automotive Group Tackles Moab Utah's Toughest Trails During the Annual Easter Jeep Safari

Jeep enthusiasts from all over the country got an opportunity to see a variety of new products from OR-Fab, Performance Accessories and trail master Suspension, at the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. The event brings out thousands of Jeeps who enjoy driving over the numerous 4x4 trails during the week before Easter.

The Performance Automotive Group showcased a variety of new products, including it's trail master Jeep JK Wrangler Long-Arm suspension system, that was on the company's Jeep JK Wrangler and JK Wrangler Unlimited. During a variety of trail rides, Jeep owners were able to see how this 4.5-inch lift suspension system performed over difficult obstacles. The design keeps the beefy two-inch diameter control arms tucked up close to the frame, delivering maximum wheel travel and superior articulation during off-road use; while providing smooth and predictable handling when driven on the street. 

The flex-joints used on this suspension lift eliminates squeaks and other noises, working harmoniously with the bushings to suppress vibrations. This matched system is designed to work in top condition for many years and is ideal for a daily driven Jeep that is expected to perform on the toughest trails.  

The Jeep JK Light Bar can be used with LED or traditional
round lights.
Three new OR-Fab products were also featured on the vehicles, which included a new light-bar that solidly mounts to the outer window frame of the Jeep JK. The light bar can be used with an LED light strip, or a variety of traditional lighting options. PAG's Jeeps also had a set of OR-Fab Rock Doors that were equipped with a new side mirror mount, that allows the use of the vehicle's factory side mirrors. This gives Jeep owners the advantage of heading straight from the trail to the street while maintaining the use of their vehicle's side mirrors when using OR-Fab Rock Doors. 

The OR-Fab Rear Quarter Panel Body Armor is made from
10-gauge steel and closely hugs the contours of the body.
It will be available with or without the rock slider bar.
Both Jeeps were also outfitted with new OR-Fab Rear Quarter panel body armor that is manufactured from thick 10-gauge steel and wraps around the panel closely hugging the contours of the body. The Rear Quarter body armor will be available with or without a two-inch diameter rock slider bar and can be optioned with round or oval LED taillights.

Members of PAG's trail run at the top of Cliff Hangar in Moab Utah.
One of the highlights of the event was Performance Automotive Group's trail run held on April 19th. PAG team members, Facebook fans and friends drove along Moab's Cliff Hangar trail, to experience a day of great four-wheeling and some of the company's newest products up close. With beautiful skies and warm temperatures the group easily made it across a variety of difficult obstacles without any problems. Many of the vehicles had some kind of OR-Fab, trail master or Performance Accessories products, that showcased their loyalty to the brand and performance on the trail.

Andrew Felix of Huntington Beach, CA was one of the
Facebook fans who joined PAG on their trail run up
Cliff Hangar. His Jeep Wrangler is outfitted with a set
of OR-Fab bumpers.
Performance Automotive Group attends events like the Easter Jeep Safari to test and showcase it's products to Jeep enthusiasts. "It's very important for us to talk and meet with Jeep owners on the trail," says Steve Rezek, president of Performance Automotive Group. "This interaction allows us to know what Jeep owners want and expect from high-quality accessories, and gives us a level of achievement when they tell us that our products perform and provide the reliability they need."

To find out where the Performance Automotive Group is heading to next, or to get more information on a variety of the company's trail master Suspension, OR-Fab and Performance Accessories products, visit them at www.p-a-g.net.
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