Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Off Road Adventures Magazine Debunks Body Lift Myths

The December 2010 issue of Off Road Adventures Magazine features an article that deals with the various misconceptions that some four-wheel drive owners have towards body-lifts. For decades, body-lifts have provided a safe and secure method to provide more clearance for larger diameter tires. But over the years, people thought it would be easy to make their own body-mount spacers out of aluminum piping, hockey pucks and other materials. This has resulted in many tales, myths and misconceptions to what is still one of the most popular methods to add ride height to a vehicle.

The article provides information from reliable body-lift manufacturers such as Performance Accessories, Superlift, Daystar and Energy Suspension, who give their input on the ten most popular misconceptions, while also providing readers with the right information on choosing a body-lift for their particular vehicle. In the article, Chris Faustmann, who handles research and development for Performance Accessories, comments to the absurdity of some of the misconceptions that a few people blindly accept. "This article will give enthusiasts the real facts about body-lifts and learn how they should be correctly installed," he says. "When used properly a body-lift system, like Performance Accessories kits, will provide safe and reliable performance when installed correctly."

All of Performance Accessories body-lift kits are made from nylon-reinforced polyurethane that's incredibly strong and durable. These kits also come with high-grade hardware and everything necessary to properly, and safely, lift a vehicle for added tire clearance.

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