Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How To Install An OR-Fab Jeep JK Sport Cage

Update: OR-Fab no longer manufacturers or sells Sport Cages for any Jeep application. This information will remain on our blog as a resource for those customers who purchased OR-Fab sport cages. For more information, please contact us. 

Adding a sport cage to your Jeep can definitely provide added protection on the trail. But many Jeep owners, especially those with JK models, don’t want to weld, cut their dash, or lose interior space by installing one.

New sport cage designs for the Jeep JK are made to bolt-in without any welding or major dash trimming. One such design is the OR-Fab JK Sport Cage, which utilizes the vehicle’s door pinch-weld seams to eliminate the typical forward down-bar used on most cages, that takes up valuable foot space and blocks the use of the sun visors, factory air-bags, A/C vents and defrosters. While the pinch-weld area is strong, it is reinforced with the use of OR-Fab’s floor-mount kit (PN#82301 sold separately), that connects the pinch weld seams to the vehicle’s floor channel reinforcement with a 3/8-inch thick steel bracket.

The cage is made up of two, single-piece side bars that slip together with a dash and windshield cross-bar in between. The top streamer bars are included in the kit and connect the windshield bar to the top of the factory roof cross member. For four-door JK models, rear streamer bars (PN#82320) are available separately.

Made from 1 ¾-inch .120-wall tubing, the OR-Fab sport cage installs by drilling bolt holes into the pinch-weld seams and attaching the cage sides and floor mount kit. Thick angle brackets are used to secure the top four corners of the cage to the windshield frame and roof cross member. The OR-Fab sport cage also allows you to reuse the factory Jeep padding, but the pieces over the driver and passenger doors will need to be trimmed slightly. Some very minor modifications to the Jeep’s plastic interior trim are also required near the windshield and at the bottom kick panels.

The OR-Fab JK sport cage fits hard and soft top models with two or four doors, and is available in a wrinkle black or bicycle black (smooth) finish. It retails around $600, while the floor mount kit sells for around $100; and must be installed first. The OR-Fab sport cage takes about 4-6 hours to install but the end result is well worth the effort. The installation images below will hopefully help you understand how to install the sport cage. You can also check out the video at the bottom of the page and for more information, you can log onto http://www.orfab.com/.
Text and Photos by
DS Media

OR-Fab provides a template to drill the holes for the cage sides and floor-mount bracket.
Plastic panels on the sides of the Jeep dash are removed as the sport cage sides cover this area and extend down to the pinch weld seams.

The cage’s streamer bars slide onto the top cross bar. The cross bar and dash bar connect to the cage sides with slip-joints.

Before all the cage tubing is bolted a tie down is used to squeeze the pieces together.

The cage cross bar and dash bars are tightened down on both the driver and passenger sides.

The top corner brackets secure the cage to the windshield frame.

The cage sides are also attached with heavy-duty brackets to the factory roof cross member

Once the cage is installed, the interior plastic panels are reinstalled.

The factory padding is reinstalled and the areas over the passenger and driver doors are trimmed slightly.

The finished installation fits hard and soft tops and doesn’t interfere with the sun visors or any of the dash’s A/C vents.

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