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How To Install OR-Fab's Sheet Metal Rear Bumper On A '07-2010 Jeep JK Wrangler

Protecting your Jeep Wrangler JK from getting banged-up on the trail is always a concern. Steep approach angles, rocky steps and high departure angles can often lead to wrinkled sheet metal. To prevent body damage most Jeep enthusiasts bolt on heavy-duty front and rear bumpers.

Typical rock-slider style rear bumpers are made from heavy-wall tubing, but even under severe conditions, they can bend and break. For the ultimate in protection many Jeep enthusiasts prefer a sheet-metal formed bumper that offers superior strength and protection, while adding a custom appearance.

OR-Fab makes a heavy-duty sheet metal rear bumper for the ’07-2010 Jeep Wrangler JK (2dr and 4dr) that is easy to install, looks great and offers the ultimate in Jeep protection. The bumper is made in the U.S.A. and is manufactured from 3/16-inch thick steel plate on its outer shell. The mounting brackets are made from1/2-inch thick steel plate. In addition, the bumper also extends to protect the quarter panels and features a tapered design, allowing it to slide off of rocks and ledges with minimal effort. Two D-ring mounts and D-ring shackles are also included, and the bumper comes in either a durable wrinkle black or gloss (bicycle) black, powder coated finish.

To install the bumper, you start by taking a 16mm socket wrench and removing the inner mounting brackets that connect to the rear cross member and the two bolts on the bumper’s outer mounts, located near the Jeep’s frame rails. You will also need to loosen the tow hitch bolts with a 18mm socket wrench that secures the tow hitch to the rear cross member.

Have a buddy help you remove the factory bumper as it is heavy, and insert the OR-Fab sandwich braces that fit inside the frame rail to secure the new bumper. Your friend can help you support the OR-Fab bumper into position as you insert the provided hardware in place. It’s a good idea to keep the bolts loose while you finish the installation that includes a tow hitch support bracket that attaches to the tow hitch bolts and bumper.

Once all the bolts are in place and the bumper is lined up, everything can be tightened. The bumper gives the Jeep JK a great new appearance over the factory bumper and is an incredibly solid unit that will offer some of the best protection you can get for your vehicle. Check out the overview of the installation below or download a copy of the installation instructions HERE. For more information, visit
Text and Photos By DS Media

Installation Procedure OR-Fab Bumper #83208 (Jeep JK Wranger 2-4Dr):
First remove the two bolts from the brackets located on the back side of the bumper

Remove the bolts that secure the bumper to the cross member and the frame rails. You’ll need a friend to help you hold the bumper as you remove it.

OR-Fab provides new sandwich braces that fit inside the frame rails for the mounting hardware that secures the new bumper to the frame.

You’ll need a friend to help you support the OR-Fab sheet metal bumper while you insert the bolts to hold it in place.

Here you can see how the bumper bolts secure the OR-Fab bumper to the frame rails. The half circle hole on the side is a bottle cap opener.

The two factory bolt locations are also used to secure the OR-Fab mounts to the frame.

The center brace bolts to the rear cross member behind the factory tow hitch.

As you can see, the bumper also protects the rear quarter panels and the tapered design makes it easily slide off or rocks and ledges.

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