Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trail Master Sponsored Racer Interviewed On KSAZ Fox 10 News

Jeremy Hammer of Fly-N-Hi Performance Center in Phoenix, Arizona was featured this morning on KSAZ Fox 10 News. Hammer spoke with Fox 10 News reporter Jayme King about his race vehicle and the preparations he's making for the King Of The Hammer's Race, taking place next week in Johnson Valley, California.

Hammer is sponsored by Tail Master Suspension, and spent countless hours building the vehicle in hopes to win this grueling off-road competition. Hammer's race vehicle is a hand-built custom truck that is specificaly designed to handle the extremely difficult terrain of the King Of The Hammer's race. Hammer is #43 in the race's starting line-up and will have to compete on a course that consists of high-speed Baja desert style racing, combined with sections of extreme technical rock crawling.

Trail Master Suspension and OR-Fab are also sponsors of the "Wrecking Ball Pit" area at the King Of The Hammer's race. Staff and employees will man the pit area, assisting racers with the necessary tools and manpower to get them back into competition. Trail Master and OR-Fab will also have a display at the event, showcasing the latest suspension and Jeep accessories available for off-road and rock crawling enthusiasts.

Click on the embedded video above to watch the interview, or click HERE to see it on Fox 10 New's website.

For more information on Fly-N-Hi Performance Center, visit their website at For additional information on the King Of The Hammer's off-road race, visit Contact the Performance Automotive group at P.O. Box 3450, Chino Valley, AZ 86323. (928) 636-7080.
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