Monday, January 11, 2010

Watch Pirate 4x4 TV Live Tuesday To See PAG's New Commercial

Pirate 4x4 TV will be live Tuesday at 5pm to 8pm PST where you'll see Performance Automotive Group's commercial running on this streaming broadcast. The on-line show will also feature everything you need to know about the exciting King Of The Hammers event taking place Februray 9-13th, including a schedule of events and the starting order for the race.

Performance Automotive Group is the sponsor of the "TrailMaster/OR-Fab Wrecking Ball Pit" and will be at the King Of The Hammers event helping crews and drivers repair, replace and re-work their vehicles to get back into competition.
Link to the January 12 Pirate 4x4 TV Show:

Can't wait for the Pirate 4x4TV show? See the commercial on our YouTube Channel.
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